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About the CoachHouse

What are we?

The CoachHouse is a not for profit Education Centre that runs events, talks, lectures and interactive learning sessions for students in the Manchester area. Within our fully kitted out rooms students are given the chance to experience what university education is like. They have the chance to meet lectures, PHD students, researchers and advocates for higher education.

The ultimate goal is that students understand better what going on to higher education could do for them. Our aim is to help widen students horizons and enable them to reach their full potential in life.

As children grow up their aspirations often come from the world around them. Some people are fortunate to have aspirational role-models, others need to find them elsewhere. We want to help provide those aspirational role models.

Where are we?

We are based at Elizabeth Gaskell’s House on the edge of the University District. Within the beautiful surroundings of this listed building, we have fully refurbished two rooms to a very high standard.

We provide world-class educational sessions aimed at encouraging local students to see the benefits of higher education.

The CoachHouse is spearheading the Widening Horizons project run by Bowland Charitable Trust.


It is possible to hire out our rooms at very competitive rates. The CoachHouse is easily reachable by public transport or on road parking is available. There are kitchen facilities available or catering can be arranged. For hire rates or any other queries contact

Darwin Room

The ground floor room is the perfect venue for talks and lectures. Fitted out with twenty-six chairs complete with integral table top it provides a great space for learning. The 84′ interactive screen can be used by any laptop and makes your presentation clearly visible by everyone in the room. The Darwin Room is fully accessible and has an induction loop. To the rear of the room are kitchen facilities for independent use for hot drink facilities and there is a fridge.

Nightingale Room

This bright first-floor room is designed for hands-on learning sessions and seminars. There are tables and chairs for twenty-six which can be configured in many different set ups. There is an 84″ interactive screen in this room too which can be used for slides or film. There is also an induction loop.

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