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Rocks from Space
Meteorites and Planetary Science 

Meteorites are samples of other planetary bodies that fall to Earth and enable us to puzzle out the history of our solar system.  They allow us to understand the sequence of events that occurred around 4.5 billion years ago as the solar system formed from the collapse of a giant cloud of gas and dust.  They have also been vital in allowing us to find out about the Earth’s Moon and the planet Mars.  In this event you will learn about meteorites, how they arrive a the Earth and what they reveal about this origin and evolution of our planetary environment.

Prof. Jamie Gilmour grew up in South Wales. He studied A levels at a Comprehensive School in Cwmbran, and went on to do a Physics degree at Sheffield University.   Having built a scientific  instrument to study meteorites during his PhD he developed an interest in finding out what they tell us about the origin and evolution of the sun and its family of planets.  He came to work at the University of Manchester in 1988, and is now part of a team of planetary scientists who study meteorites and other extraterrestrial material.
This is the plan.
There will be talk – “Meteorites and Planetary Science” = followed by a practical session where students will have a chance to work with meteorites.
  • Rocks from Space
    21st March 2018
    9:30 am - 12:30 pm

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